Unreleased Songs

by The Bilderberg Group

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Amuse-Bouche 00:32
9/11 Was an Inside Job I don't remember when I realized I'll never play pro ball Somewheres around 25 My tenure had its fall From grace, the laws Of physics say The tops to small To go all the way Through to the clay 90 plus stories down But as sure as I gray The more that I've found What just doesn't sound Like a viable story I feel like a clown Admitting that morning I herd the warning The memory's clear The anger came storming Jet fueled by fear Embedded with tears Forever then changed While watching them sheer The wings off my plane The things they explain Insult me at best Bringing in blame Replacing the chest Protecting the rest Of what makes me me But I refuse to accept Their conspiracy So many years So many more songs Yet nothing appears To be coming along Everything's weird Resistance is strong Judged by my peers My sentence is long As I look to the mirror Should I put down my bong Have they geoengineered The tweeds to be wrong What truth is revered By the eyes of a pawn As they happily cheer For some kids in a thong These innocent fawns Just waiting to hear The ring from the gong Like bambi's mom, dear All who belong To the top of the tier I now have the kong The Lord is right here The Flys are like pong The back and fourth steers Creech against Chong Weed verses beer We'll reach the new dawn We all wish we could cheer Once's the one percents gone What's wrong disappears I'm done having arguments When you know only lies Like talking of apartments when They're set up side by side When you just close your eyes Refuse to be corrected Its like you're sitting on a ride Where everyone's ejected How do you just object it When the facts are all sustained Buy grands of sharp detectives Stacked up to explain Why every single plane Remains a great big mystery The goal's not seeking fame But to shame the pigs fake history Painted so vividly By such a machine Shakespeare's monkeys Wrote God save the queen The obvious scheme Controlling the goy Devours the dream Like clergy do boys It's urgent the coy Realize our dirty pond's Detergent is joy Happiness bonds The atoms in the bombs Our knowledge should drop Rejecting the con A True pro doesn't stop You want to talk about deception You want to talk about a lesson Never learned You want to scoff at evidence and Justify your aggression At every turn You want to build a better fence then Nullify your amends as Bridges burn Don't you realize then we're fenced in And all you volunteer henchmen Get the worm
Caku 07:20
Fake News 05:17
It's ALL Trumpin FAKE Scripted tv From the progress we make To the controversy But what worries me Is how nobody sees The illusion's confusion Like it's supposed to be The hopelessness and greed Dominate the landscape We're focused on the need While they control us using mandates Claiming all should stand straight They cower to the Truth Providing only band-aids They use the power of the youth To devour and remove The blame whenever necessary The towers are the proof Just like the acorns in the cemetery The truth the news mentions barely Hides all of its lies They use the ruse to vent the scary Guise of compromise Their eyes are on the prize As sheep we're just the food They hide beneath the why Instead of how and who But now it's time to do The don'ts the master's say Will bring the doom and gloom It's time we seize the day The first verse is the set up The second knocks it down The third verse says enough To make the chorus Almost sound Like we're in a battleground And we're screaming for our freedom The news almost amounts To a shoulder sitting demon The chosen choose the meaning And the message coming through They make the hero's and the heathens While they sway the way we move They play us all for fools Fuck the trump administration Shooting up the schools Then they blame it on a nation Birthed out of invasion Like the people are the savages The work they put in place and The collection of the damages Means we never had a chance at this We are where they want us They legalise the cannabis Then bust those being honest They have us all in bonnets We're maids cleaning up their mess While they supply the nonsense We give them our best Told we should confess They barely hide the secrets They have us as pets And we're happy little sheep shits So this verse is the one Where the metaphors fall behind No more cheeks with tongue Have you lost your God damned mind I know the sheep aren't blind We seem to see what they want shown But is your view what they call mine Or is what you think your own Thoughts and therefore home To the resistance that they fear I hope you know you're not alone Support goes far beyond the mirror Their dominance is years Millennia in the making Their tactics may seem weird That way you thank them for their taking Your rights while shake and baking You right out of contention The globe they keep reshaping Hides the curve they always mention But since I'm always in detention For disruption of the class I just have a simple question No one seems to ask How come our dumbass Buys the weak distraction The actor Rudy tries to pass Off as having traction How come no one is unmasking The fact the Donald cheated Yet we're predictably reacting To his latest garbage tweeted So Where is the first lady I want her opinion On her husband being shady Not the pornstar payouts are given But the thing is she's been missing With a convenient operation If lies are all we're living Then death is their salvation
Fake Plastic Heads A good producer Proves their worth each time They accentuate rhymes  And make the lines sparkle The Garthok they narfle's A Tarbell on roids Their Aykroyd is soy They enjoy throwing salt in the game The greats aren't the same They came to explain  The frame needs a change What you might see as strange They strain to contain Their mane claims the spotlight  They can stop fights Or insight a riot See they are the pilot And when their supplied The right kind of gas The fire ignited Makes dust out of glass Whatever your class Half empty or full  Their bull will smash your China shop They climb your top Then drop your bass The space they invade isn't alien Their fade begins And singes your hairline Since they are the chair behind The mind you control  Their hold is total Their mold, can cure your cancer I don't need a doctor I came with the Srdjan My word is the top tier You, keep your glorified nurse when I am just a person His magic allows the dead To disappeared then reemerge as  Fake... Plastic... Heads... (x3) Mine is better than yours Exploring your pores He's bored with convention Heard even by deaf and Dumb and blind His lessons are drenched in Subliminal signs His criminal mind Defines your cold case His chase puts juice on tv Excuse me, but I must interject See that's day I first met miss Mary Jane And I'm barley the same Since taming those horses I plotted this course it Led me to my piper I'm Mekhi Phifer A sniper from the future I recite lighter Fluid and scoop your Brain to remove dirt Clouding perception  But I'm just stench when Mentioned alone I, am unknown I've grown in his grace My shape's come full circle  He colors me purple  In my princely robes My emperor's clothes Show your imperfections  I, am dressed in his gold I don't need a doctor I came with the Srdjan My word is the top tier You, keep your glorified nurse when I am just a person His magic allows the dead To disappeared then reemerge as  Fake... Plastic... Heads... (x3) Radar one To some Sir Chuckles  His Bronson-like knuckles Scuffle Conformity  His warning is free Yet costs you your comfort He knows how to run ports Like he's mastered the docks The hands on his clock Always knock tomorrow's door The cords he records Are sure to break records  His flag is checkered Before you even see green His scene stays cool in the summertime  My wonder finds him homely The teeth in my comb he Carves up my head If I'm macaroni  He's cheese to the Fed Breaking my bread The beds that they make Are almost as fake As the take we all spend He's more than my friend He tends to my needs My seeds speak to his genius I am Beavis, the butthead is Jesus And he's in agreement These demons aren't real We are the shield  Yet we, feel we deserve better .
Halfie Power 05:31
K.I.D.S. 03:24
Lumberg Fucter What's happening, I'm going to need you to go ahead and come in tomorrow... I almost forgot, Why don't you go ahead and come in on Sunday too, k.. Ok, but, I could burn this building down I think that once a day at least Counting as the minutes drown I sit my life away, but cheat See what I think is kinda neat I have this fun new desk That turns my ergonomical seat Into a stand up play set And you better bet I'm super excited My top two loves met And an orgy was sighted And who cares if I might get A bad neck, back or feet Once the fires ignited If you can't stand the heat You'll probably be fired Your things put on the street You're 1 of 4 tires And don't you dare leak Your spare was hired Before your first a week The care you require Just makes you look weak If you choose to speak Don't let it be up No matter how bleak Just keep your mouth shut And if Done just enough You might get a promotion This office space Sucks Hand solo, no lotion So what's your serial number What's that all about Doesn't anybody ever wonder Who's counting the count Is there really any doubt You're just a cog in a wheel Irregardless of your amount Don't you always feel Like you're left out of the deal Like something more is missing Yet they've convinced you to appeal Through prayers and constant wishing The thanks you must keep giving Living in your sin Is crank to scarey villains Killing anything to win The building begins With a brand new foundation The world doesn't spin On theories and space men We need an invasion A new pearl Harbor To enact an act written When today was tomorrow Once you realize the sorrow's Just Albert Pike's plan You'll be forced to see we borrow The very lint within our hands The mint is grand An illusion for slaves They've refreshed the commands Yet read off the same page I hope you count my flare And it makes you so uncomfortable You become a millionaire And make yourself a Huxtable Always busting bubbles you Were naughty thinking threesome But you're failure likely doubles Since you still believe in freedom Like me rapping over Speedom You're left looking foolish Changing like a the seasons You spring to your conclusions Bored and feeling useless They keep us far too busy To research into jesus And see it's more silly That Mandy plays with Billy While Death does their good deeds The symbolism filling Heads with programmed breath to breathe The messages they read Beneath their cloak of silence Fill our children with belief That's disease is worse than Violence The running theme's compliance Just work until you die Don't worry about the mileage Bud, you're check comes from the sky But if life sucks you dry And death is so much better Why are guys who spit those lies Seem blessed to live forever
Oil 01:57
P.E.T.A. 04:25
Racing Rats 01:32
Religophile (#pizzagate too) The less cool Corey Said on TV The worst Hollywood story's The one we don't see Like 1,2,3 He spelled it out slow The host was uneasy Since he's in the know Believe it or don't Or.. just watch the tape The screams are no show Those children are raped Gaped, dismantled Tortured, destroyed Their fate in the hands of Those who employ Horrible ploys To foil kids plans Like Vernon did Roy Detroit understands Exploiting command They always demand more Their Atlas is Rand They stand on the poor Their tantrums implore You ignore what they do The advantage is war The scores nothing new Like a whore on the move I'll buy their belief When the born again's prove The screws in the feet I'm just not into schoolgirls Give me a big fat woman You're feeding a cruel world Thinking it's a goodin For little girls With hair in curls To sever their bowl of puddin Giving pearls You bitter squirrels Say word when you know you shouldn't People often ask me Why I'm so obsessed With children being happy Having never had butt sex Quick to change the subject Like you want to jump this track But if you think that you're disgusted Let's just bring you back To a day when all the grass In whoever's yard was greener When you giggled at an ass And laughed at a ba-jinger When to smell somebody's finger Meant you'd probably smell poop When your ignorance was king and your Unripened sexual fruit Was more like a scoop Of unplanted seeds When you didn't need for proof For Santa's good deeds Back when weeds And grass were different Way before Meads Mill put the focus on pigment Innocent Remember being a seedling Now imagine you're bent Over and bleeding Crying and pleading The weakling you trusted To stop, you were kneeling Because he said you were busted I'm just not into schoolgirls Give me a big fat woman You're feeding a cruel world Thinking it's a goodin For little girls With hair in curls To sever their bowl of puddin Giving pearls You bitter squirrels Say word when you know you shouldn't It's everywhere you look It saturates pop culture The Eagle is a crook Who should be looked at like a vulture What is the vault for Why's there so much protection For the monsters at fault, your Asking the wrong question Neglecting to mention The Hollyweird past Like how even Chris Hansen Is given the shaft When children are passed Like the Dochie, or food bowl It goes beyond sad The emojis frown two fold But the old silver screens hold The darkest of secrets Like the westerns who's scenes show Our racist beliefs, it's Not for the squeamish But truth seldom is While they feed you your jesus They prey on your kids The faces that lift Are ageless in scope I say this as a gift With knowledge comes hope At the end of your rope You'll find new beginning But when truth is controlled The lie's always spinning I'm just not into schoolgirls Give me a big fat woman You're feeding a cruel world Thinking it's a goodin For little girls With hair in curls To sever their bowl of puddin Giving pearls You bitter squirrels Say word when you know you shouldn't
Room 322 04:05
The Samson Option When you're not supposed to pay attention Attention must be given The past you're not allowed to mention Mentions the time we live in When best intentions tend to lead To lessened comprehension Then lessons read as death beliefs The rest supresses question My mate insists I'm racist For how I view the jews But Judaism's not a race its Something that you choose They misconstrue truth Confused like everyone else Who's screwed into the news Proving ignorance of self They stole all the wealth We knowingly joke But when you tighten the belt Poke under the cloak You expose all of the holes We're told to ignore Like who's in control Who holds the high score Who enjoys nothing more Than the mutilation show As tradition implores The rabbi to blow Who's damning the flow Of Islamic tolerance Who's mercy is known To be less than obvious Who inflates how the dollar spends In god do you trust them And would you still deny commonsense If the FEDs heads were all Muslim If winners write the history Then losers barely know it The answers to the mystery Repair they're so explosives Like Mary said to Joseph I sware my lies are true And if you shift your focus God will murder you The words they use Are kinda slick It not Hebrew It's Yiddish script A treat-less trick Like Halloween's A pagan trip Flipped to seem Like a scene Of endless joy Like Christmas screams Expensive toys You senseless goy Refusing to see The extent of the ploys Employed in belief Like foil on seeds Or Cain without Able The royals are freaks Who eat off our table We're horses in stables Our owners aren't rivals That's why the jew fable Begins every Bible So clearly I'm no racist But I am against the fantasy That commands I sit and take it No chosen plan stands over me I don't believe in rabbit feet I see things as they are I question the guilded canopy Handling the stars Handed these cards I fold, it's pathetic Hold on to your shards I know that semitic Is a weapon embedded In the minds that don't know So that Antisemitic Can be brilliantly thown At anyone shown To not buy the lie But your mind will be blown When you read between lines Semitism's defined As showing the Jews favor We walk a fine line Proving to be tailored For jews who won't say more Than truth isn't true Refusing to change form They worship the talmund But for those who remove Those supremacist beliefs Your freedom includes A pass over my feast
Vaxxed 04:59
#pizzagate 05:18
#Pizzagate Comet Will make your children scream Comet Don't buy the ping pong thing Comet You'll gag and vomit So go to comet And stomp it Today Imagine rumor had it I was touching kids How long before the badges Would come kicking in my lid What kind of holy Magic Would excuse the things I did Or the emails that I blasted With code words known to fibs Would you look at all my static And just as quick forgive If I proudly wasn't Catholic Or some other silly rib Would you finally call it tragic If I didn't conveniently live In a city where the standards Say the guilty should be hid Those voted into cabinets More than like to slip Their bone that's beyond plastic A fleshy colored stick While it always rains on Travis The umbr-ella's grip Comes only in left handed The right is turning tricks Their methods concidered classic But the Internet still lifts Their outreach to the planet It's all in the documents For if this leaves you feeling stagnant It's because you must admit Kids are like power magnet Attractive only to the sick But back to the top To the question I asked Would death by cop Touch someone half black As quick as the kettle drops The card when called that Burning the crops While destroying the facts Would metaphors prop Up pics of the past Showing the lop- Sided love of first class The government mop That Cleans up when the glass Of milk finally flops And though only filled half Way it's a chop To the back of the calf That hobbles the hop Of those who laugh last Connecting the dots Would you actually ask Why do Yagers say gots When they're supposed to say has Who's tying the knots What's holding us back How come the have-nots Seem to have Heather Flack If my wings call the shots It's time turtles attack Where do Shredders stop When the pizza's a trap Why aren't we required To research a crime When those who conspired Are pros in the lime Light and their tires All covered in grime Are cleaned then admired Once there's been enough time For the best jewish writers To deliver a dime Then the blame goes to fires Or a maybe pipelines Or desiease, your desire Is played by the nine or ten-o-clock liars Working for fines Reading the wire They lurk in the Pines The hurts undercover But see between lines Podesta and brother Have the Clinton's behind They're no curse after mother It's children they find Who's bread to be wonder Who's Blood tastes like wine Let no man put asunder Try to redefine My word coming under These damaging rhymes And since Lightning and thunder Are nothing devine Comet can't plunder When the stars aren't aligned
end 02:32
Team Goyim 04:05
Its us vs us Not us vs them The struggles so rough I'll say it again Its us vs us Not us vs them Once we've had enough Their supremacy ends (When the goyim erupt The quarantine ends) The only way they're smarter than us Is how they unify We always say our economy sucks But no one's asking why Do you secretly want to die Because you want to go to heaven Is your salvation in the sky Do your amps all read 11 Is the fantasy your head's in One that isn't selfish Do you see me as your brethren Will you join in my rebellious Behavior that will help us Finally win the war If you advocate for wellness You're fighting for the cure The home is where it starts Who's daddy's favorite team As kids we feel our part To live our parent's dream And when they lose their minds and scream In a way we wish we could At a television screen We're then PROGRAMMED "it's all good" As long as its "your hood" You're allowed to act a fool Its almost like you should When at war, not keep your cool But if you jump into a pool Just because you're told to do it You can't complain from crybaby school When you're wet and feeling stupid So since we've all been trained To have the simple minds of soldiers It's time we commanderr the plane Before we crash and smolder We're only getting older Our wisdom teeth are pulled But we're the rocks that move the boulders Since the avalanche of full Resistance is the bull In the XXXXX secret china shop This sickness is the cull Until the goyim scream it's time to stop The chosen will remain on top Their pyramid's a scheme And our revolution includes the cops We're on the same goy team
The Ramones 03:39
King Monkey 05:09
King Monkey TBG would like to offer a truce and since the videos and imitation have us COMPLETELY flattered, we hope those build a bears and chubbs appreciate our impressions and the BEAUTIFUL art they've inspired... thank you SO much for all of your TBG promotion, its just too bad you pedophiles have to die! The monkey claims his name's Bill Wowman But teamgoyim knows him limp Biscuit He's like the leader of the slow and He really is a dip shit More than your average nitwit To not get caught, they must be smart But only pedos whip out their dick its Been obvious from the start And these clown shoes only play their part When and if you challenge their thing Those who pull jewpedo's card Are sure to feel their scared sting Since, no goyim dares to sing A song that isn't them The offense that you unfairly bring Defends your true intent Wrian Ballace used to cry On my live feed every day Write a song about me Guy Why does everyone say I'm gay It's just that everything you say Is like I'm speaking using your voice So do I love you in a way These silly christians call a poor choice Which is weird because I'm sure boys Are what he usually grooms And there is no fuckin cure, goy We need to bring the doom To anyone whose mushroom Head grows when courting kids T10000 should consume Instead,10000 bags of dicks Bitch Beard doesn't get a verse Neither does Scott Bitchell Those pedo's games are nothing worse Than an annoying little itch you'll Easily blow the whistle On, why are they even here They're nothing more than simple pawns The first to disappear Because again, it's really weird When you're someone that's against me If we fight the things we fear And attack the things we disagree With, your lonely misery Will never have my company You'll die from hate filled bigotry When the #teamgoyim runs this country You'd rather lobsters on your piano Than Crabs upon your organ If I give you all your ammo You look like logic to a morman See you are nothing more than A tiny inconvenience TBG had the high score when You showed off your micro penis All characters and events in this song, even those based on real people, are entirely fictional, All monkey voices are impersonated... poorly, the preceding song should be heard by EVERYONE... GET TO SHARING... TEAM GOYIM!! (Charles does this)
FOX RUSE Let's pretend some HUGE gentile Punched a shixa in the face Would the news STILL try to profile The victim as disgraced Someone who's out of place And might just be a bit deserving Since she didn't just walk away And simply kept returning To the scene because the warning Has been long heard loud and clear They can keep black people mourning While keeping whites in fear And if you dare to call it weird And refuse their propaganda They'll make your story disappear Like the last word in this (stanza) Sha'Teina Grady El Was on FOX RUSE with Charlie Langton And, while she was given hell That whale ambushed her like plankton He was nothing but a hangman To the unexpecting victim I watched it screaming dang man Who in their right mind picks him Who's disgusting vision Has this pig as the lead He's a just weekend minion He must suck while on his knees But, he deserves to bleed Someone punch his stupid face Then ask if his racist beliefs Should be the story that we chase The Grady El's should be commended We know what happens In this country When the story that's presented Doesn't make the chosen comfy They simply turn it in to something That blows out the whistleblower Or they ignore it into nothing And just pull the pistol slower They whip us into poster Children, begging for their presence Delirious on Oprah Women, should be better represented But their honor's not defended Cops can punch them in the face And our system led by men Let society fall from grace We said before A man would be famous Now we're forced to explore How it's even more dangerous When you're talking to strangers Who talk out of their anus Abusing the news It's time the changes Promised while they hang us It's all a big ruse One story enrages The other subdues But if you see the clues Ask where did she go Sha'Teina's the proof They control what we know (Control what we know, control what we know, it's all a big show, they control what we know, control what we know, it's all a big show, where did she go, it's all a big show) X4 Where did she go?
Chubby Girl 02:57
WLLZ UP 05:06
Black Jokes 04:29
Why am I so pathetic? Why must I always lose? Why does it seem I'm always headed Down the path to be abused? Why am I so confused? Why can't I just believe? Why does everything I use Take everything from me? Why can't I simply see? Why I can't answer questions? Why does everything that's free Cost more than what was mentioned? Why won't I learn my lesson? Why is life so hard? Why is just us not addressing The who who deals the cards? No questions No answers it's simple We're best when We challenge their info Their masks and Their cancer will kill folk Who happen To cancel their bill fold Who do you think you are? Who do you hold dear? Who are the chosen choosing stars The who we all revere? Who can chuck your spear? Who gets you really going? Who are the people that you fear? Do you do it without knowing? Who writes what scenes are showing? Who is in control? Who draws the line you're always towing Providing you your goals? Who can sell you coal? Who turns it into diamonds? Who's sells us lies like rocks and gold? The how is how we find them. No questions No answers it's simple We're best when We challenge their info Their masks and Their cancer will kill folk Who happen To cancel their bill fold How are things so messed up? How did the laws get passed? How did all these chosen fucks Rewrite our future past? How did we make glass? How is never too soon? How did we get our monkey asses Up there on the moon? How did we not go boom? How'd we lose the proof? How do you still consume Such rotten apple fruit? How can bring the truth? How come you won't let it? How is goyim rocket fuel Silence is unleaded?


A selection of unreleased TBG songs.


released May 24, 2020


all rights reserved



The Bilderberg Group Detroit, Michigan

"When you can no longer find the music you like, make your own."

That is what Guy Williams, poet from Detroit Michigan and German based producer extraordinaire "Charles" S. Kuzmanovic decided to do. Both men were sick of the same old thing, heavy bass with nonsense lyrics, finding they were just "too old" to relate. TBG have this one thing on their mind: "smart" music that still "sounds cool". ... more

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