Conspiracy Theory Sells

by The Bilderberg Group

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miraclemember Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain´t goin´ away.
(Elvis Presley) Favorite track: 9/11 Was an Inside Job.
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released August 15, 2015

Vox/Lyrics: Guy Williams, Jr.
Music Production: Charles S. Kuzmanovic
Additional Vocals: Sandra M.


all rights reserved



The Bilderberg Group Detroit, Michigan

"When you can no longer find the music you like, make your own."

That is what Guy Williams, poet from Detroit Michigan and German based producer extraordinaire "Charles" S. Kuzmanovic decided to do. Both men were sick of the same old thing, heavy bass with nonsense lyrics, finding they were just "too old" to relate. TBG have this one thing on their mind: "smart" music that still "sounds cool". ... more

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Track Name: The Bilderberg Group
The Bilderberg Group

When you have
More tracks than a junkie
Something, just has to give

When you crack
The past you're busting
Dumb things stacked against

When the mask
You flash is a cut scene
Nothing can back you in

And when your laugh
Is last it must mean
Trust brings you happiness

You can't imagine the trouble
The struggle I've seen
The muggels I've cleaned
The bubbles dreamed
Then creamed buy morning
Each story of poor me's
Imploring I share
The warning is there
Fair, but firm
I dare to turn
The stern into Robins
Ensuring the lobb ends
In a hail Mary
The tales can be scary
And very in subject
Caught in a bug net
A hug vetts my feelings
The drugs make me feel things
Might sing in the rain
The wings on my frame
Came with my halo
To just say no is impossible
A colossal task at best
A test to my
Testicular fortitude
Forcing food on starving thought
I fought the hawk
Calling me chicken
Claiming thick when
The vision is fat
My facts blast cracks
And smash your foundation
I, am amazing

Simply put
My foot's in my mouth
I shout
But doubt, is all that comes out
Standing stout
Against the draft
The path to redemption
Ends in disaster
The master baits the trap
Given the clap
I slap the wrappers
Faster than pastor's
Grab for booty
Excuse me
My duty's a movie
Proving their destruction
Is more than a must when
God men clutching butts sends
Chills up your spine
The lines that rhyme
Find their way through
It's time to remove
The excuse they are holy
Hell bent on exposing
The whole thing as fake
My cake will be had
And gladly enjoyed
I'm Floyd
Dropping your hat in

The best thing about me
I'm free
I can be anything
Anyone see
Conformity is boring these
Rappers are like
40 theives
The all believe
They steal an impression
Revealing a catch when
Less then 6 inches
Your dreams need a pinch it's
Time you wake up
To say that they suck
Is as much of a lie
As with your head tucked
You prolly won't die
When a sun in the sky
Supplied by a plane
Murders your name
For the game is a show
A frame made to hold
Pictures, not pitchers
My brothers and sisters
The fissure's your fault
These wizard occults
Are malt in a milk shake
They're built fake
To stake their place in history
The chivalry
Is killing the gentle
Track Name: Oedipus Shrugged
Forgive me If I sound like a child
But my parents have abandoned me
My attempts to drown my broken smile
Have failed since I was barley three
But complaining's like comparing things
That come paired at the hip
The carrort always dangling
Is much less treat than trick
But taking that trip
Down memory lane's
Like faking a flip
Then asking for change
The mask isn't the same
But the face hiding is
A bastard who's name's
Disguised as a gift
Flipping the switch
Turning them off you'll
Probably not pick
Why they think I'm so awful
But since I am their fossil
I have their Intel
My process is colossal
I reject their Jinn spell
Expecting a win
Bells always ring
As I'm blessing the sin
Hell's calling my twin
To fall sink or swim
And air out family business
If we're dust in the wind
I blow off their forgiveness
Like the king's chair in the distance
I am thrown away
It may snare you for a minute
But you'll own what I say
And as God is said to witness
There will come the day
Where you'll beg for me forgiveness
And I'll refuse to pay
So my mother's first
And you know what they say
You double the worth
Once you drive it away
Oh wait...
That too's a big lie
Value is made
By watching pigs fly
And as a kid I
Saw all sorts of bad things
That's why my mid life
Snap at 23
Was crap handed for free
That cost me my happiness
Constantly mad at me
Washing my cannabis
She'd scream I just can't handle this
Almost everyday
She'd first hand me a candle lit
Then roast me when I'd play
The hopeless issues I display
Shine deep within her mirror
My bones and tissues are mache
I weaken when I see her
Her shoulders are the freezer
That keep's her vodka cold
When I'm told "your mom's a pleaser"
I laugh since you've been sold
A lemon dressed in gold
The truth is hard to see
As you condemn the story told
I'm stuck with the memory
Like the king's chair in the distance
I am thrown away
It may snare you for a minute
But you'll own what I say
And as God is said to witness
There will come the day
Where you'll beg for me forgiveness
And I'll refuse to pay
Dad, dad, dad
What can I say
That dead beat had
No rhythm to sway
The tide in a way
Even slightly meaningful
Like he's alive to touchè
And I'm left the bilingual fool
Whenever I am feeling full
He empties my confidence
I'm burning all the weeds I pull
Changing my likeness since
I ride the same bike I spent
My life running away from
Hiding in the light, I vent
My cunning has his face some
Times when I shoot ray guns
Right into my arm
I pretend without his A-1
My stake might lose its charm
But my homemade alarms
Drown out his failure noise
Dispite the constant harm
I finally found the choice
Lies inside my voice
And from both my father and my mother
The past I can exploit
Might end up helping another
See most parents smother
Mine left me stranded
No sisters or brothers
I'm simply abandoned.
Track Name: #pizzagate

Will make your children scream
Don't buy the ping pong thing
You'll gag and vomit
So go to comet
And stomp it

Imagine rumor had it
I was touching kids
How long before the badges
Would come kicking in my lid
What kind of holy Magic
Would excuse the things I did
Or the emails that I blasted
With code words known to fibs
Would you look at all my static
And just as quick forgive
If I proudly wasn't Catholic
Or some other silly rib
Would you finally call it tragic
If I didn't conveniently live
In a city where the standards
Say the guilty should be hid
Those voted into cabinets
More than like to slip
Their bone that's beyond plastic
A fleshy colored stick
While it always rains on Travis
The umbr-ella's grip
Comes only in left handed
The right is turning tricks
Their methods concidered classic
But the Internet still lifts
Their outreach to the planet
It's all in the documents
For if this leaves you feeling stagnant
It's because you must admit
Kids are like power magnet
Attractive only to the sick

But back to the top
To the question I asked
Would death by cop
Touch someone half black
As quick as the kettle drops
The card when called that
Burning the crops
While destroying the facts
Would metaphors prop
Up pics of the past
Showing the lop-
Sided love of first class
The government mop
That Cleans up when the glass
Of milk finally flops
And though only filled half
Way it's a chop
To the back of the calf
That hobbles the hop
Of those who laugh last
Connecting the dots
Would you actually ask
Why do Yagers say gots
When they're supposed to say has
Who's tying the knots
What's holding us back
How come the have-nots
Seem to have Heather Flack
If my wings call the shots
It's time turtles attack
Where do Shredders stop
When the pizza's a trap

Why aren't we required
To research a crime
When those who conspired
Are pros in the lime
Light and their tires
All covered in grime
Are cleaned then admired
Once there's been enough time
For the best jewish writers
To deliver a dime
Then the blame goes to fires
Or a maybe pipelines
Or desiease, your desire
Is played by the nine
or ten-o-clock liars
Working for fines
Reading the wire
They lurk in the Pines
The hurts undercover
But see between lines
Podesta and brother
Have the Clinton's behind
They're no curse after mother
It's children they find
Who's bread to be wonder
Who's Blood tastes like wine
Let no man put asunder
Try to redefine
My word coming under
These damaging rhymes
And since Lightning and thunder
Are nothing devine
Comet can't plunder
When the stars aren't aligned
Track Name: Leisure Suite Larry
What if I purchaced a building
That's blight was quite relentless
It's surface needed rebuilding
It was built and filled with asbestos
A business death sentence
By all manner of measure
A plan as clandestine
As HAARP hammers the weather
Now imagine my bread serves
Only half the value set
Yet the initial investor
Gladly accepts
So much less you're impressed
Blessed by my persuasion
Would you rightfully address
The left feeling put in place and
Finally question the rat race when
Again I finish first
Am I really that amazing
Or is a map at work
Regardless of land worth
To fix the grit the cost
Is like a man with broken hands
Giving birth upon a cross
Nothing but a loss
With no clear way to profit
And I would surely come across
As one hell of a prophet
If I saw this comet
And with it sold you God
You'd call me Mohammed
Even if my name's Mossad

So now the building's mine
Although most would say it's stupid
And Scooge's lucky dime
Couldn't pay me to improve it
I keep making bad excuses
Like I know something big is coming
I refuse to be translucent
Yet the meters left still running
The structure's seen crumbling
There's poison paint inside
My actions become so cunning
I'm fumbling my lies
But to everyone's surprise
Everything is kosher
There's nothing to deny
Since I know there's no foreclosure's
The banks are like the snow-blower
And I am pimping frosty
I am their employer
Who cares what lives it costs me
Now let's just say it all seems
Like its set up for a fire
I insure all of the small things
The law says are required
But like I've been inspired
By gee-whiz himself
My burning desire
Quadruples my wealth
Now the scrupulous self
Would then point out its suspicious
How a random fire dealt
The money cards upon my wish list

So would I go to jail
Like most dumb goyim would
Or would my Holy grail
Make monty python good
Wholesome fun that sould
Be heard in every church
Would I be misunderstood
My good character besmisched
Would girls admit it's girth
And no longer lie to you
I know I went off course a squirt
But my goal is spreading truth
Do you think the mounds of proof
The charade's a giant fraud
Would jump into the mental loop
As quick as your silent broad's
Now trying not to nod
At the part about small dicks
Her mind's like "Oh my God
Why wont he just switch
Back subjects really quick
What was he just saying
3 skyscrapers don't just dip
When hit by 2 jet planes"
It's actually quite strange
Since I planned on painting a picture
To properly reframe
The hand of the ultimate fister
Ramming the shit your
Fed as official
My bloodline is piss poor
Do I get Larry's dismissal

(The kids say)
Steel, Plane
Track Name: Religophile (#pizzagate too)
Religophile (#pizzagate too)

The less cool Corey
Said on TV
The worst Hollywood story's
The one we don't see
Like 1,2,3
He spelled it out slow
The host was uneasy
Since he's in the know
Believe it or don't
Or.. just watch the tape
The screams are no show
Those children are raped
Gaped, dismantled
Tortured, destroyed
Their fate in the hands of
Those who employ
Horrible ploys
To foil kids plans
Like Vernon did Roy
Detroit understands
Exploiting command
They always demand more
Their Atlas is Rand
They stand on the poor
Their tantrums implore
You ignore what they do
The advantage is war
The scores nothing new
Like a whore on the move
I'll buy their belief
When the born again's prove
The screws in the feet

I'm just not into schoolgirls
Give me a big fat woman
You're feeding a cruel world
Thinking it's a goodin
For little girls
With hair in curls
To sever their bowl of puddin
Giving pearls
You bitter squirrels
Say word when you know you shouldn't

People often ask me
Why I'm so obsessed
With children being happy
Having never had butt sex
Quick to change the subject
Like you want to jump this track
But if you think that you're disgusted
Let's just bring you back
To a day when all the grass
In whoever's yard was greener
When you giggled at an ass
And laughed at a ba-jinger
When to smell somebody's finger
Meant you'd probably smell poop
When your ignorance was king and your
Unripened sexual fruit
Was more like a scoop
Of unplanted seeds
When you didn't need for proof
For Santa's good deeds
Back when weeds
And grass were different
Way before Meads
Mill put the focus on pigment
Remember being a seedling
Now imagine you're bent
Over and bleeding
Crying and pleading
The weakling you trusted
To stop, you were kneeling
Because he said you were busted

I'm just not into schoolgirls
Give me a big fat woman
You're feeding a cruel world
Thinking it's a goodin
For little girls
With hair in curls
To sever their bowl of puddin
Giving pearls
You bitter squirrels
Say word when you know you shouldn't

It's everywhere you look
It saturates pop culture
The Eagle is a crook
Who should be looked at like a vulture
What is the vault for
Why's there so much protection
For the monsters at fault, your
Asking the wrong question
Neglecting to mention
The Hollyweird past
Like how even Chris Hansen
Is given the shaft
When children are passed
Like the Dochie, or food bowl
It goes beyond sad
The emojis frown two fold
But the old silver screens hold
The darkest of secrets
Like the westerns who's scenes show
Our racist beliefs, it's
Not for the squeamish
But truth seldom is
While they feed you your jesus
They prey on your kids
The faces that lift
Are ageless in scope
I say this as a gift
With knowledge comes hope
At the end of your rope
You'll find new beginning
But when truth is controlled
The lie's always spinning

I'm just not into schoolgirls
Give me a big fat woman
You're feeding a cruel world
Thinking it's a goodin
For little girls
With hair in curls
To sever their bowl of puddin
Giving pearls
You bitter squirrels
Say word when you know you shouldn't
Track Name: Keys to the Kingdom
I'm told that I suck
Call me Matt Stafford
I don't like to use names but
I had to blast That turd
See he is the last word
In the privilege paragraph
The Duke boys from Hazard
Just sit, stare and laugh
Dude throws a pass
Like drafting him last
Would have been better
Though never is grass
Growing greener and brass
Would've replaced a black guy
Long before cash
Was wasted and that's why
I say it's mad I
Even see argument
Like I need to be baptized
To become a martyr, friend
I use different jargon when
I drop to your level
Begging your pardon then
Floor hits the pedal
Seeing your head filled
In with such nonsense
I can't help but let it pull
Me into conference
Debating the bomb with
Clones throwing spears
My judgement is honest
Alone among peers

Would black lives finally matter
If only they said too
Would stereotypes rewrite themselves
If we'd admit the truth
Would racism exist If there wasn't the myth
All black guys have big dicks
If size didn't matter would racism shatter
And the pattern no longer exist

I'm told I'm overrated
Call me Conor McGregor
I don't usually say this
But show me a wetter
Example of weather
Thats only explained
By racism tethered
To money and fame
The tyrannical reign
Drenching the game
Proves how it's used
To strengthen the gain
The length of a man's vain
Coincides with his tolerance
The angst riddled pain
Changes how the dollar's spent
Those in white collars send
Colored shirts bleach
Who does the most hollerin's
Who shouldn't speak
Tonguing the cheek
Free speech is a joke
The mirrors they speak
Of seem clouded with smoke
Doubting the hope
Dangled like a carrot
The amount that's below
Can't change or repair if
You think that your merit is
Based in your pants
The blame is your heritage
Your taste is your dads

Would black lives finally matter
If only they said too
Would stereotypes rewrite themselves
If we'd admit the truth
Would racism exist If there wasn't the myth
All black guys have big dicks
If size didn't matter would racism shatter
And the pattern no longer exist

I'm told I'm a prick
Call me whoever
But its the guys with small dicks
That are causing the sever
Keeping endeavors
From coming together
If you never say never
You'd better be clever
With racism fed your
Quite shamefully saying
Whenever your getting head her
Brain's always amazing
But it's easy to say things
Like that when you're tiny
Anyone can be Swayzee
When the roadhouse is whiney
If you find on keep finding
Girls blowing like porn stars
You might need reminding
That most throats don't go far
Told you should go hard
It's time you go home
You hold a flow chart
Where lines should be known
Stinging full-blown
The truth can be vicious
Racism's grown
To compensate britches
Track Name: Under the Dome
Let's talk about stars
What are they
Isn't it gnarly
We hardly know shit
Think about it
We barely see the tip of the iceberg
But what have you heard
And what do you know
My personal show is quite limited
I've given this a bunch of thought
I bought the farm
Just like you
Turned off the alarm
Without any proof
I use a toothbrush
Despite having teeth
Believing beneath me
Looks like jello
Hello, we can only drill 8 miles down
How have we found
what the core looks like
Are you SURE it is round
Or are you drowning in fright
The thought that you might
Just not have a clue
Makes you see right
When left would improve
The rest of the moves
In this silly game
So it's best you include
All possible trains
Of thought to explain
The things that are strange
The lies might be maintained
To keep people working
Imagine you came
Up just the same
Believing the fame
Without any smirking
Imagine then learning
We are not turning
Its really all bullshit
A pulpit that's earning
Selling a sure thing
Where nobody asks
Questions concerning
Questionable math
We follow the path
Believe as we're told
Swallow the staff
And subsequent load
No one is bold enough to spit
I admit, I wouldn't either
To be cast into the ether
To call out the cheaters
To see your beliefs all fail
That's enough to nail
Most coffins closed
If you found the hole
That could fold your lifes' work
Would your die roll
Or would you put on the shirt
Just some other jerk
Who makes a great living
Pushing the dirt
While the graves keep on filling
Who has been killing
Spilling the blood
Of the scientists denying this
Big ball of mud
The grudge, must runneth deep
The shelf too steep to climb
My mind, refuses to settle
The things they peddle seem cheap
One of the sheep
I sleep with my eyes open
Watching The Chosen run the ruse
I'm confused
No longer amused
It's true the abuse must stop
The mountain top is curveless
The purpose, is yet unknown
I'm simply blown away
If there's infinite space
Shouldn't the way we see things change
If the stars all range
In shape and size
Should the stage
Be a surprise
Shouldn't some eyes
Open or close
If the stars in the sky
Are gas that explodes
I awoke with a cold
Sick of monotony
I realized the globe
Really has got to be
Flat out hypocrisy
So here's my declaration
Go ahead mock me
Buy the space station
Track Name: Selected Not Elected
I have my finger on the pulse
Call me the false prophet
Everything's a fraud
From jesus to Mohammed
If you need a cult
I fault you for your nonsense
History is bought
Then taught as thought it's honest

Like the fly on Killary's face
All I taste is shit
Watching the debates
Like that's what that shit is
But observing the plastic
Under the lights
I can't help but laugh it's
A blunder filled fight
No wonder the right
And left are so different
One is bright white
The other less pigment
This fraud is a business
Where both are employed
Manager minions
Distracting the goy
They both are hemroids
But who is the asshole
If these Richards are toys
Who is the massa
Watching them wrestle's
Like watching paint peel
If you believe that's real
Let's make a deal
You drop and kneel
And pray for a savior
While they continue to steal
Your taste of the flavor
If you're chained in a cave you're
Reality's shadows
You're rhinestone world's made for
Cowboys not cattle

Do you see a battle
Or a play for the dopers
Complete with a paddle
Spanking monkeys sore
I think it's sad I'll
See one of those joker's
As head of the tattle
Tale union of smokers
It's professional poker
Except for one thing
The card players hope for
The government brings
More than a slight sting
When it comes to the prick
Chance left to nothing
You really don't pick
Who are the tricks
Walking the track
Who's going to flip
And decide to attack
How long till you're sick
When only fed crap
Slipping the disk
That keeps coming back
The mouse in the trap
Never quite worked
The cage usually cracked
Or the ball went berserk
But the same type of perps
Who sold you that lie
Are the same type of Jerks
You now hold so high

That bitch will win it
But humor my pry
Just for a minute
Who's kid's Chelsea Clinton
She looks very typical
But not like the lesbian
Pretending to be with Bill
And he doesn't fill
The profile picture
Not quite like Danney Will
Once dna blisters
All those aquitters
Denying the obvious
Bill is a mister
Who's not known to be honest
Remember the Promise
I did not have sexual relations with that woman
And then the press conference
Saying that was a good one
Remember this hoodlum
Was in fact impeached
Now you want his puddin
To gave the same speach
These people have leached
Off the blood of the land
Since the days when a breach
In the chain of command
Meant the demand
For heads would roll
With a chump on the stand
We know for whom the bell tolls
Track Name: Sweet Cement
Out here on this fragile island / the play attracts the insect's mind / to rise and walk towards the liquid / and move over the fading line. / The mirror says "Hello," and smiles / smile like the most faithful stone / pretty women to the left, / collecting glances, always seem to hate their own.

All along the way, a golden string is dancing / to celebrate the sweet cement.

The women to the right, they say, / are crawling on their war-torn knees. / Painting with their bleeding fingers / the way that only fits their needs. / But if the naked blow simply whispers / a "holy fuck" that gently sighs, / from ear to ear the image travels / and in between your legs it dies.

All along the way, a golden string is dancing / to celebrate the sweet cement.

Concrete objects lose their shape / like the gift of endless summers / tends to blind the sleeping ape, / who double checks the numbers / feeding him with one hand broken, / leaving him out in the open, / watching for the next explosion / the curtain starts to shake.

All along the way, a golden string is dancing / to celebrate the sweet cement.

"From now on I seek rebellion,"/ the worm stands up and falls again / reversed reflections continue laughing, / "Freeze and I will try it then." / and as the camera forever watching, / finally shuts its trembling eye - / Cut, you scream and leave them wishing, / fishing for the glorious "why."

All along the way, a golden string is dancing / to celebrate the sweet cement.
Track Name: The Samson Option
The Samson Option

When you're not supposed to pay attention
Attention must be given
The past you're not allowed to mention
Mentions the time we live in
When best intentions tend to lead
To lessened comprehension
Then lessons read as death beliefs
The rest supresses question

My mate insists I'm racist
For how I view the jews
But Judaism's not a race its
Something that you choose
They misconstrue truth
Confused like everyone else
Who's screwed into the news
Proving ignorance of self
They stole all the wealth
We knowingly joke
But when you tighten the belt
Poke under the cloak
You expose all of the holes
We're told to ignore
Like who's in control
Who holds the high score
Who enjoys nothing more
Than the mutilation show
As tradition implores
The rabbi to blow
Who's damning the flow
Of Islamic tolerance
Who's mercy is known
To be less than obvious
Who inflates how the dollar spends
In god do you trust them
And would you still deny commonsense
If the FEDs heads were all Muslim

If winners write the history
Then losers barely know it
The answers to the mystery
Repair they're so explosives
Like Mary said to Joseph
I sware my lies are true
And if you shift your focus
God will murder you
The words they use
Are kinda slick
It not Hebrew
It's Yiddish script
A treat-less trick
Like Halloween's
A pagan trip
Flipped to seem
Like a scene
Of endless joy
Like Christmas screams
Expensive toys
You senseless goy
Refusing to see
The extent of the ploys
Employed in belief
Like foil on seeds
Or Cain without Able
The royals are freaks
Who eat off our table
We're horses in stables
Our owners aren't rivals
That's why the jew fable
Begins every Bible

So clearly I'm no racist
But I am against the fantasy
That commands I sit and take it
No chosen plan stands over me
I don't believe in rabbit feet
I see things as they are
I question the guilded canopy
Handling the stars
Handed these cards
I fold, it's pathetic
Hold on to your shards
I know that semitic
Is a weapon embedded
In the minds that don't know
So that Antisemitic
Can be brilliantly thown
At anyone shown
To not buy the lie
But your mind will be blown
When you read between lines
Semitism's defined
As showing the Jews favor
We walk a fine line
Proving to be tailored
For jews who won't say more
Than truth isn't true
Refusing to change form
They worship the talmund
But for those who remove
Those supremacist beliefs
Your freedom includes
A pass over my feast
Track Name: Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin Cover)
You all know the lyrics! :)
Track Name: Dudes Kissing is Gay (Orlando Remix)
Why does your right to hate
Outweigh my right to love
Like you prefer gloves
So I can't wear mittens
Your need to fit in
Quickens my sand
Your stand, is a sinking sensation
Your situation
Should not affect me
Your fantasy
Is really just that
Until there are facts
Let's just call it fiction
A twisted description
The epic tradition
Of judgment's repugnant
And not the depiction
Of a good christan's
Mission statement
And the strategic replacement
Of pedophile preists
Is also the least of the sheeps many worries
Their eyes too blurry
Crying about sanctity
They should be thankfully
Handing out praise
Gays guys raise a straight guys flag
They basically brag for you
Making your two
Look like an eight
Its great
Why would their plate
Effect your diet
Try it, if you think it does
If you think because
Someone is gay
Your marriage now sucks
You might want to play
A little more safe
In the way you condemn
Them, may live in your mirror
Projecting your fear toward
Your secret desire
You're simply a liar
Who's fire runs deep
You only compete with yourself
Your stealth is seen on radar
Gaydar, is usually true
Which is why through and though
If you don't like dudes
They refuse to're safe
You should see my face as I say that
I feel like Pat Sajak
As I watch the wheel spin
So sick of the play back
Saying love is a sin
To me its a win
I wish I was gay
Two morning woods
To begin everyday
No one to say
I'm not in the mood
No see you next Tuesdays
A couple of dudes
Just watching the tube
With no chance for kids
Agreeing on food
Respecting "dibs"
Someone that gives
From the perspective
They know how it works
Not jerking their best if
Gay was reflective
Of which way we wanted
To swing then the skeptics
Refusing to flaunt it
Might not be so haunted
By lack of control
Denying their jaundice
Makes them yellow
Those yelling for hell throw
Stones in glass houses
Telling their tell so
Their win's never counted
But those who have mounted
The greatest attack
Are really just shouting
Out something they lack
Its like saying thatvblack
Or white skin's a choice
The stupidity smacks
With an ignorant voice
If you like to kiss boys
That's not amazing
Its only white noise
Its really the same thing
It should be like saying
Nothing at all
It matters like playing
Catch with a ball
With your dad in the fall
Its important to you
You make the call
Of who you put though
Telling that to
Like your boring stories
Your sex life is moot
Cute, but no glory
Or feelings of poor me
Should ever be present
Even if whoring
Your only repentance
Should be what is spent if
It costs you your value
You're forever indebted
If only you fail to
Believe you should sail though
Whatever sea beckons
Stuck in the mail room
Full of regrets and
All kinds of lessons
For anyone who
Pretends you impress them
Letting you spew
Out all of the you
You could have been
Back when you were cool
Way back when....

If you think that gay is a choice
You prolly just dont answer the voice
Thats in your head so loud its a noise
Screaming you're a boy who likes boys

Or maybe you're a girl who likes girls
Chocolate, vanilla or swirl
Whatever dirty makes your toes curl
You'll never see the curve in the world.
Track Name: Killing Me Smalls
Killing Me Smalls

Writing in this way
You interpret what I say
To fit the view
That's good for you
True beauty on display

And cleary its your song
I will never say you're wrong
The vision seen
Is yours to dream
I'll beam and sing along

My wife still smokes cigarettes
She claims she's not a quitter yet
She never really tries
Her insides fried
She's dying faster
Than batteries
In a master blaster
What a disaster
The plaster has shattered
We held the laughter so long
The gong doesn't matter
The pitter patter
Traps her here
Like a pastor's clear
To prey on fear
The tumors cunsume her
The rumors are mirrors
Cracked and the years
All appear to be bad
Luck as she's stuck
With a pressure filled fad
You betcha I'm mad
She took the fight from my hockey
A goalie who stops me
Before the red light
Speaking in cockney
Out come don't words right
I fight her despite
Her right of way
There might come a day
I say the right thing
I'm dreaming

My wife makes this personal
A ploy to ensure that you'll
Stop as the verses pull
Full on alertness
My purpose is shirtless
My curses removed
Fuck shit ass bitch Proves
You're aloof to the meaning
The closets I'm cleaning
Have seen things they shouldn't
I wouldn't if couldn't
Weren't running congruent
Fluent in all of my plans
My hand stands land
This man in hot water
My alters falter and alter my consciousness
Its obvious I'm fond of this
The nonsense sits on my shoulders
My boulders are older
And show their age
The rage on each page
Stages false flags
The pants I sag
Brag deception
Claiming I stretch when
Absent selection
My dressing
Tosses the salad
I ran with this ballad
It's padded with metaphor
I write Wendy Pheffercorn
It helps if one Squints

I feel like an alien
Caved in by the world
A squirrel
with too many nuts
The Power I clutch
Touches the matrix
I carefully say this
Agents are watching
The reason you're coughing
Is chalking the sky
I'm offering my
Conditional surrender
A habitual pretender
I render the fat
Chatting with shill after shill
It's quite the pill to swallow
Yet still I follow
My hollow heartbeat
Knowing the smart sheep
Sweep the fine line
Time after time
I find I'm Cindy
Forgive me
I just want to have fun
But I'm done on the run
I've come to conclusions
The illusion's confusion
Has proven too strong
Their patriot song sung in unison
Inclusion is all that I ask
The mask
Looks better than nothing.
Track Name: Fake Plastic Heads
Fake Plastic Heads

A good producer
Proves their worth each time
They accentuate rhymes 
And make the lines sparkle
The Garthok they narfle's
A Tarbell on roids
Their Aykroyd is soy
They enjoy throwing salt in the game
The greats aren't the same
They came to explain 
The frame needs a change
What you might see as strange
They strain to contain
Their mane claims the spotlight 
They can stop fights
Or insight a riot
See they are the pilot
And when their supplied
The right kind of gas
The fire ignited
Makes dust out of glass
Whatever your class
Half empty or full 
Their bull will smash your China shop
They climb your top
Then drop your bass
The space they invade isn't alien
Their fade begins
And singes your hairline
Since they are the chair behind
The mind you control 
Their hold is total
Their mold, can cure your cancer

I don't need a doctor
I came with the Srdjan
My word is the top tier
You, keep your glorified nurse when
I am just a person
His magic allows the dead
To disappeared then reemerge as 
Fake... Plastic... Heads... (x3)

Mine is better than yours
Exploring your pores
He's bored with convention
Heard even by deaf and
Dumb and blind
His lessons are drenched in
Subliminal signs
His criminal mind
Defines your cold case
His chase puts juice on tv
Excuse me, but I must interject
See that's day I first met miss Mary Jane
And I'm barley the same
Since taming those horses
I plotted this course it
Led me to my piper
I'm Mekhi Phifer
A sniper from the future
I recite lighter
Fluid and scoop your
Brain to remove dirt
Clouding perception 
But I'm just stench when
Mentioned alone
I, am unknown
I've grown in his grace
My shape's come full circle 
He colors me purple 
In my princely robes
My emperor's clothes
Show your imperfections 
I, am dressed in his gold

I don't need a doctor
I came with the Srdjan
My word is the top tier
You, keep your glorified nurse when
I am just a person
His magic allows the dead
To disappeared then reemerge as 
Fake... Plastic... Heads... (x3)

Radar one
To some Sir Chuckles 
His Bronson-like knuckles
Scuffle Conformity 
His warning is free
Yet costs you your comfort
He knows how to run ports
Like he's mastered the docks
The hands on his clock
Always knock tomorrow's door
The cords he records
Are sure to break records 
His flag is checkered
Before you even see green
His scene stays cool in the summertime 
My wonder finds him homely
The teeth in my comb he
Carves up my head
If I'm macaroni 
He's cheese to the Fed
Breaking my bread
The beds that they make
Are almost as fake
As the take we all spend
He's more than my friend
He tends to my needs
My seeds speak to his genius
I am Beavis, the butthead is Jesus
And he's in agreement
These demons aren't real
We are the shield 
Yet we, feel we deserve better .
Track Name: The Obama Deception (Go Sports Team!)
I think racial and civic pride
Are the dumbest things to have
Come with me, for a ride
And double check my math
See, I am half
Black and white
If that makes you mad
White and black's also right
But it's that kind of sight
Keeping us blind
Like color defines
Who we are behind
The doors once closed
The mask in our minds
The whore in our clothes
We choose to show
The world what it wants
Bowing to those
Throwing the taunts
But why then so staunch
In their defense
If the rockets they launch
Don't represent
How you intend
On raising your kids
Why do we pretend
Like we all don't live
On something so big
There's enough for us all
Our reluctance to give
Logic the ball
Is why we are stalled
Awaiting a saviour
To answer the call
And save the best flavor
But at least with that failure
You're making a choice
Choosing to jail your
Resistance to ploys
But even your voice
Can be changed or altered
Girls can be boys
Sons become daughters
Teaders can todder
Good can be bad
Leaders can faulter
But your mom and dad
Are something you had
NOTHING to do with
Your race is a fact
Absent improvements
Those line are congruent
They can't be denied
So why would you use it
As something of pride
Does where family resides
Prior to your birth
Really provide
A feeling of worth
You're proud of some dirt
Is that what you're saying
Its all the same Earth
Why's yours so amazing
And forget all the slayings
Done in the past
Forget why we say things
Like he who laughs last
Forget that the path
To your civic belief
Is a murderous wrath
And all the deceased
At one time believed
In their color and land
Their commander in cheif
Convinced them their hand
Was chosen to stand
And die for the team
While the leaders then plan
The next dance routine
As we rage the machine
Laughs at the way
We continue to be
Apart of the play
The start of the day
We all come together
Begins in the way
We stop saying never
If we start to be clever
And see through the ruse
Our pride will be tethered
To things that we choose.

Our black and white blues
Are part of the ruse
They're brilliantly used
To keep us confused

Our black and white blues
Are something we choose
For if they're removed
We'll finally improve

Stop chasing flags
Stop the deception
Stop all the lies
Supplied in the lessons
Stop the aggression
Stop the depression
Stop the illusion
Confusion is a weapon
Track Name: Lumberg Fucter
Lumberg Fucter

What's happening, I'm going to need you to go ahead and come in tomorrow...
I almost forgot, Why don't you go ahead and come in on Sunday too, k..

Ok, but, I could burn this building down
I think that once a day at least
Counting as the minutes drown
I sit my life away, but cheat
See what I think is kinda neat
I have this fun new desk
That turns my ergonomical seat
Into a stand up play set
And you better bet
I'm super excited
My top two loves met
And an orgy was sighted
And who cares if I might get
A bad neck, back or feet
Once the fires ignited
If you can't stand the heat
You'll probably be fired
Your things put on the street
You're 1 of 4 tires
And don't you dare leak
Your spare was hired
Before your first a week
The care you require
Just makes you look weak
If you choose to speak
Don't let it be up
No matter how bleak
Just keep your mouth shut
And if Done just enough
You might get a promotion
This office space Sucks
Hand solo, no lotion

So what's your serial number
What's that all about
Doesn't anybody ever wonder
Who's counting the count
Is there really any doubt
You're just a cog in a wheel
Irregardless of your amount
Don't you always feel
Like you're left out of the deal
Like something more is missing
Yet they've convinced you to appeal
Through prayers and constant wishing
The thanks you must keep giving
Living in your sin
Is crank to scarey villains
Killing anything to win
The building begins
With a brand new foundation
The world doesn't spin
On theories and space men
We need an invasion
A new pearl Harbor
To enact an act written
When today was tomorrow
Once you realize the sorrow's
Just Albert Pike's plan
You'll be forced to see we borrow
The very lint within our hands
The mint is grand
An illusion for slaves
They've refreshed the commands
Yet read off the same page

I hope you count my flare
And it makes you so uncomfortable
You become a millionaire
And make yourself a Huxtable
Always busting bubbles you
Were naughty thinking threesome
But you're failure likely doubles
Since you still believe in freedom
Like me rapping over Speedom
You're left looking foolish
Changing like a the seasons
You spring to your conclusions
Bored and feeling useless
They keep us far too busy
To research into jesus
And see it's more silly
That Mandy plays with Billy
While Death does their good deeds
The symbolism filling
Heads with programmed breath to breathe
The messages they read
Beneath their cloak of silence
Fill our children with belief
That's disease is worse than Violence
The running theme's compliance
Just work until you die
Don't worry about the mileage
Bud, you're check comes from the sky
But if life sucks you dry
And death is so much better
Why are guys who spit those lies
Seem blessed to live forever
Track Name: 9/11 Was an Inside Job
9/11 Was an Inside Job

I don't remember when I realized
I'll never play pro ball
Somewheres around 25
My tenure had its fall
From grace, the laws
Of physics say
The tops to small
To go all the way
Through to the clay
90 plus stories down
But as sure as I gray
The more that I've found
What just doesn't sound
Like a viable story
I feel like a clown
Admitting that morning
I herd the warning
The memory's clear
The anger came storming
Jet fueled by fear
Embedded with tears
Forever then changed
While watching them sheer
The wings off my plane
The things they explain
Insult me at best
Bringing in blame
Replacing the chest
Protecting the rest
Of what makes me me
But I refuse to accept
Their conspiracy

So many years
So many more songs
Yet nothing appears
To be coming along
Everything's weird
Resistance is strong
Judged by my peers
My sentence is long
As I look to the mirror
Should I put down my bong
Have they geoengineered
The tweeds to be wrong
What truth is revered
By the eyes of a pawn
As they happily cheer
For some kids in a thong
These innocent fawns
Just waiting to hear
The ring from the gong
Like bambi's mom, dear
All who belong
To the top of the tier
I now have the kong
The Lord is right here
The Flys are like pong
The back and fourth steers
Creech against Chong
Weed verses beer
We'll reach the new dawn
We all wish we could cheer
Once's the one percents gone
What's wrong disappears

I'm done having arguments
When you know only lies
Like talking of apartments when
They're set up side by side
When you just close your eyes
Refuse to be corrected
Its like you're sitting on a ride
Where everyone's ejected
How do you just object it
When the facts are all sustained
Buy grands of sharp detectives
Stacked up to explain
Why every single plane
Remains a great big mystery
The goal's not seeking fame
But to shame the pigs fake history
Painted so vividly
By such a machine
Shakespeare's monkeys
Wrote God save the queen
The obvious scheme
Controlling the goy
Devours the dream
Like clergy do boys
It's urgent the coy
Realize our dirty pond's
Detergent is joy
Happiness bonds
The atoms in the bombs
Our knowledge should drop
Rejecting the con
A True pro doesn't stop

You want to talk about deception
You want to talk about a lesson
Never learned
You want to scoff at evidence and
Justify your aggression
At every turn
You want to build a better fence then
Nullify your amends as
Bridges burn
Don't you realize then we're fenced in
And all you volunteer henchmen
Get the worm
Track Name: Fake News
It's ALL Trumpin FAKE
Scripted tv
From the progress we make
To the controversy
But what worries me
Is how nobody sees
The illusion's confusion
Like it's supposed to be
The hopelessness and greed
Dominate the landscape
We're focused on the need
While they control us using mandates
Claiming all should stand straight
They cower to the Truth
Providing only band-aids
They use the power of the youth
To devour and remove
The blame whenever necessary
The towers are the proof
Just like the acorns in the cemetery
The truth the news mentions barely
Hides all of its lies
They use the ruse to vent the scary
Guise of compromise
Their eyes are on the prize
As sheep we're just the food
They hide beneath the why
Instead of how and who
But now it's time to do
The don'ts the master's say
Will bring the doom and gloom
It's time we seize the day

The first verse is the set up
The second knocks it down
The third verse says enough
To make the chorus
Almost sound
Like we're in a battleground
And we're screaming for our freedom
The news almost amounts
To a shoulder sitting demon
The chosen choose the meaning
And the message coming through
They make the hero's and the heathens
While they sway the way we move
They play us all for fools
Fuck the trump administration
Shooting up the schools
Then they blame it on a nation
Birthed out of invasion
Like the people are the savages
The work they put in place and
The collection of the damages
Means we never had a chance at this
We are where they want us
They legalise the cannabis
Then bust those being honest
They have us all in bonnets
We're maids cleaning up their mess
While they supply the nonsense
We give them our best
Told we should confess
They barely hide the secrets
They have us as pets
And we're happy little sheep shits

So this verse is the one
Where the metaphors fall behind
No more cheeks with tongue
Have you lost your God damned mind
I know the sheep aren't blind
We seem to see what they want shown
But is your view what they call mine
Or is what you think your own
Thoughts and therefore home
To the resistance that they fear
I hope you know you're not alone
Support goes far beyond the mirror
Their dominance is years
Millennia in the making
Their tactics may seem weird
That way you thank them for their taking
Your rights while shake and baking
You right out of contention
The globe they keep reshaping
Hides the curve they always mention
But since I'm always in detention
For disruption of the class
I just have a simple question
No one seems to ask
How come our dumbass
Buys the weak distraction
The actor Rudy tries to pass
Off as having traction
How come no one is unmasking
The fact the Donald cheated
Yet we're predictably reacting
To his latest garbage tweeted

So Where is the first lady
I want her opinion
On her husband being shady
Not the pornstar payouts are given
But the thing is she's been missing
With a convenient operation
If lies are all we're living
Then death is their salvation

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